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Saber Investigations is a fully insured investigations company licensed by the State of Texas. Using the latest in autosomal DNA testing combined with genetic genealogy techniques and more traditional research and investigative methods, we are able to solve the most complex cases. Whether you are an adoptee looking to find your biological family or a law enforcement investigator looking to solve a cold case, we will strive for results while adhering to the utmost ethical standards and maintaining all details in the strictest confidence.

Kevin Lord
Principal Investigator

Kevin has experience in solving both adoption and law enforcement cases through the use of genetic genealogy techniques. Through his volunteer work with DNA Doe Project he has worked hand in hand with law enforcement agencies and assisted in solving multiple Jane/John Doe unidentified remains cases, bringing answers and closure to families of the missing. Whether interfacing with DNA labs, performing genealogical analysis, or digging up details from public records and proprietary databases, he has the experience and knowledge required for all steps of complex investigations. In addition his prior career in the tech industry, including such positions as systems engineer and software developer, make him uniquely qualified to perform bioinformatics work and develop sophisticated tools that can make all the difference in an investigation.


12 YEARS LATER: 'Lavender Doe' identified

UPDATE: Victim identified in Lavender Doe case

Principal Investigator Kevin Lord led the team of DNA Doe Project volunteers that successfully identified a Jane Doe found in Kilgore, TX in 2006, known as "Lavender Doe."

Working closely with the Gregg County Sheriff's Office, they were glad to give Lavender Doe her name back, solving this 12 year old mystery and bringing answers to her family.

Above: Check out Kevin Lord's recent article in the June 2019 issue of Forensic Magazine detailing the use of genotype imputation to help solve difficult genetic genealogy cases with degraded and low quantity DNA.

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