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Hire An Adoption Investigator

Our adoption investigators are experienced in helping adoptees find birth parents. Learn more below and request a free consultation today!
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Find Birth Parents

Whether you are an adoptee just starting your adoption search or have been searching for years, we are here to help. Using the latest in DNA technology and genetic genealogy techniques, our adoption investigator can help break down the brick walls of closed adoptions. Regardless of if you are trying to find birth parents, find an adopted sibling, or other biological family, we can help even without adoption records. Locating your birth parents and/or siblings can also provide you with valuable medical information which is otherwise impossible to discover. However, we know it can often be a very overwhelming process, which is why we will guide you through the process step-by-step from start to finish. As a licensed and insured private investigator, you can be sure we adhere to the utmost ethical standards in our adoption investigation services.

How It Works

As part of our initial evaluation we will send you DNA test kits from the two largest consumer DNA testing sites AncestryDNA and 23andme. They will be pre-registered and all you need to do is collect your saliva samples and drop them back in the mail. Once your results are ready these services will then provide us with a list of your biological relatives. These may range anywhere from very close relationships such as biological siblings, half-siblings, or aunts/uncles - to slightly more distant birth relatives such as first or second cousins - to very distant cousins as far as 8th to 10th cousins. By using standard genealogical techniques to build out family trees for your DNA matches, and determining where they intersect, we can narrow down the search field. We then use a combination of any adoption records you have provided (if you have them) as well as information from public records and proprietary databases that only private investigators have access to, to determine who your biological mother, biological father, and any biological siblings are.

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